Shaking Our Heads to the Beat: A Night at the Roxbury Deep Dive
The Ten to One PodcastJuly 04, 2024x
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Shaking Our Heads to the Beat: A Night at the Roxbury Deep Dive

Welcome to a special summer break episode of the Ten to One Podcast, where your favorite SNL recap trio – Brad Oman from, Nate Loucks, and Ben Konowitz – take a slight detour from their usual sketch comedy analysis to bring you a deep dive into the cinematic world born out of Saturday Night Live's iconic skits. This week, we don our finest rayon suits and revisit the 1998 cult classic A Night at the Roxbury, starring Chris Kattan, Will Ferrell, and Molly Shannon.

Dive into the pulsating heart of '90s comedy as Brad, Nate, and Ben break down the film's connection to SNL, explore its cultural impact, and debate where it stands amidst other SNL feature adaptations. They'll discuss the infamous head-bobbing duo of Doug and Steve Butabi, review their outrageous attempts to enter the hottest club in town and dissect the unforgettable cameos and soundtrack that have made this movie a beloved piece of nostalgia for fans.

The hosts will also discuss the film's reception at the time of release, its mixed critical reviews, and how perceptions of the movie have evolved over the years. They'll also delve into the chemistry between Kattan and Ferrell, examining the drama behind the scenes that left a permanent mark on their friendship.

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