The Ten to One Podcast

The Ten to One Podcast

A Saturday Night Live Review and Rewatch Podcast

Named after the time slot reserved for the oddball sketches of Saturday Night Live, this podcast from three die hard SNL fans dives into every new episode of the sketch series that is not only a staple of television but an institution of comedy. Bradford Oman (aka Ethan Anderton at and his friends Ben Konowitz and Nate Loucks will discuss every sketch from each new episode, rate the host, and pick their favorite player of the evening. Plus, there are bound to be stupid bits and dumb tangents.


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Episode 64 - Maya Rudolph (Season 49)
May 14, 2024x
01:04:5489.19 MB

Episode 64 - Maya Rudolph (Season 49)

Beyonce is back, baby! Kind of. Former Saturday Night Live cast member Maya Rudolph returned to host the show for the third time this week, and she brought back her Beyonce on Hot Ones impression. But that's not all. We also witnessed some British cave people, a hilarious Please Don't Destroy sketc...

Episode 63 - Dua Lipa (Season 49)
May 08, 2024x
01:04:2088.36 MB

Episode 63 - Dua Lipa (Season 49)

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Episode 62 - Ryan Gosling (Season 49)
April 18, 2024x
47:2265.12 MB

Episode 62 - Ryan Gosling (Season 49)

Hey, Beavis! Ryan Gosling returned as host of Saturday Night Live and brought the goods, along with Emily Blunt. So, join Brad, Nate, and Ben as they review one of the funniest episodes of SNL in seasons, including discussions on each sketch and who they believed were standout performers. -- Follow...

Episode 61 - Kristen Wiig (Season 49)
April 09, 2024x
45:3083.37 MB

Episode 61 - Kristen Wiig (Season 49)

In this laughter-filled episode of the Ten to One Podcast, hosts Bradford Oman (from, Nate Loucks, and Ben Konowitz dive deep into Kristen Wiig's highly anticipated return to the Saturday Night Live stage, marking her ascension to the prestigious "5-Timers Club." Wiig, known for her ...

Episode 60 - Ramy Youssef (Season 49)
April 03, 2024x
48:4789.38 MB

Episode 60 - Ramy Youssef (Season 49)

Welcome back, listeners! It's that magical part of the week again—time for a fresh episode of the Ten to One Podcast. This time around, though, there's a bit of a twist. Our beloved Ben is off adventuring in the picturesque landscapes of Djibouti, leaving Nate and Brad to hold down the fort. Fear n...

Episode 59 - Josh Brolin (Season 49)
March 13, 2024x
54:0599.09 MB

Episode 59 - Josh Brolin (Season 49)

This week on the Ten to One Podcast, we're diving deep into the latest SNL episode, which aired on March 10, 2024. The ruggedly dashing Josh Brolin graced the stage of Studio 8H for his third hosting gig amidst the swirling sands of his latest blockbuster success, Dune 2. As usual, we unpack the ni...



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