Episode 51 - Emma Stone (Season 49)
The Ten to One PodcastDecember 05, 2023x
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Episode 51 - Emma Stone (Season 49)

Welcome to another hilarious episode of the Ten to One Podcast, where your favorite trio of SNL aficionados, Brad Oman of slashfilm.com, Nate Loucks, and Ben Konowitz, dive into the laughter-filled latest episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by the ever-charming and versatile Emma Stone.

This week's SNL episode was nothing short of a skit spectacle, and our hosts are here to unpack every moment for you.

Michael Longfellow proved to be exceptionally stellar in this episode, Chloe Troast is singing again, the Please Don't Destroy guys find their magic, and Emma Stone is just, in general, a treasure to behold.

It's time for another episode of the Ten to One.


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