Episode 52 - Adam Driver (Season 49)
The Ten to One PodcastDecember 12, 2023x
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Episode 52 - Adam Driver (Season 49)

In the latest episode of the Ten to One Podcast, hosts Brad Oman, Nate Loucks, and Ben Konowitz dive into the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live featuring actor Adam Driver as the host. With their usual wit and humor, the hosts recap each sketch and provide their insights and opinions on each sketch, good or bad.

The podcast episode features discussions about each sketch, including the hosts' favorite sketches and performers of the night. Among other things, the hosts discuss the controversial cold open sketch, Adam Driver's ginormous hands, the hilarious airplane baby sketch, and Brad's latest forecast on the Bradometer.

So, giddyup and get ready because it's time for the Ten to One.


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