Episode 54 - Jacob Elordi (Season 49)
The Ten to One PodcastJanuary 24, 2024x
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Episode 54 - Jacob Elordi (Season 49)

Strap in, folks, because even with Brad stamping passports across the globe, Ben in the clutches of COVID's sneaky grip, and Nate being...well, quintessentially Nate, the stage is set for an unmissable installment of the Ten to One Podcast!

In today's better-than-average episode, we're diving deep into first-time host and heartthrob (we get it, SNL... enough already!) Jacob Elordi's appearance at Studio 8H.

So, turn up the volume and prepare for laughter, banter, and a TERRIBLE Don Pardo impression—it's the Ten to One Podcast.


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