Episode 55 - Dakota Johnson (Season 49)
The Ten to One PodcastJanuary 31, 2024x
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Episode 55 - Dakota Johnson (Season 49)

We're back with another episode of the Ten to One Podcast. While the show is normally hosted by Nate Loucks, Ben Konowitz, and Brad Oman from Slashfilm.com, for the second week in a row, Brad is absent. Has anyone noticed? Does anyone care? Papa, can you hear me?

In the latest episode of SNL, Dakota Johnson hosted for the second time, and Justin Timberlake returned as the musical guest. Jimmy Fallon, Mark Cuban, and Barbara Cocorran visited, as did Dave Chappelle (for some weird reason.) Ben and Nate discuss what went well and what didn't in this episode, their favorite sketch of the night, and the episode's MVP.

We had fun, and we hope you do, too. It's time for the Ten to One!


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