Episode 61 - Kristen Wiig (Season 49)
The Ten to One PodcastApril 09, 2024x
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Episode 61 - Kristen Wiig (Season 49)

In this laughter-filled episode of the Ten to One Podcast, hosts Bradford Oman (from Slashfilm.com), Nate Loucks, and Ben Konowitz dive deep into Kristen Wiig's highly anticipated return to the Saturday Night Live stage, marking her ascension to the prestigious "5-Timers Club." Wiig, known for her versatile characters and impeccable comedic timing, hosted an episode that blended nostalgia with fresh, edgy sketches.

Whether you're a die-hard SNL fan or just love comedy, this episode of Ten to One is a must-listen for insightful and entertaining (kind of) coverage of Kristen Wiig's latest turn as host, her joining the "5-Timers Club" and the continuous evolution of Saturday Night Live.


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